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  • HulaHoopla: A Podcast for Hoopers is on iTunes!

    Date: 2011.11.13 | Category: PODCAST! | Response: 0

    Pretty frickin’ cool!  You can now subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!
    Click here>>>>> HulaHoopla: A Podcast for Hoopers

    woo hoo(p)!


  • New Site Name

    Date: 2011.11.05 | Category: HulaHoopla, PODCAST! | Response: 0

    As I learn how to podcast I will be making adjustments with this site.  Today I had to change the name from from Hoopanista to HulaHoopla: A Podcast for Hoopers to it is picked up on my RSS feed to iTunes.  But the title is too long for the generic title section of the Home page so it just reads HulaHoopla: A Podcast for.  I guess it builds anticipation!  Well, if anyone out there is reading this and understands how to manipulate WordPress I sure could use a hand!  :-)

    I can be reached at hoopanista (at) hulahoopla (dot) com.

  • Episode 1 – Meet the Hoopanista, ZigZag & Dr. Spin

    Date: 2011.11.05 | Category: PODCAST! | Response: 0

    Explore the world community of hooping and hoopdance through the voices of our hooping compadres!  We’ll chat with hoopers – newbies to pros! – about hooping and how it has touched their lives.

    In this inaugural episode, you’ll meet me, The Hoopanista, and two of my Portland, Oregon hoop sisters – ZigZag and Dr. Spin.  We chat about our personal discovery of hooping with mention of some pioneers in the field and incredible hooping events. And we want you to know about World Hoop Day on 11.11.11.

    And I ask for you patience as I learn this whole podcast thing.  Better audio and graphics to come!   The new podcast artwork!

    World Hoop Day

    Hoop Convergence

    Sparkle Movement
    ZigZag Hoops
    The Spin Summit
    Northwest Hoop Gathering

    Burning Man

    And for information on me, The Hoopanista, check out my website at

  • Podcast – Take 2

    Date: 2011.11.05 | Category: HulaHoopla, PODCAST! | Response: 0

    The new podcast artwork!

    Podcast Artwork!

    I’m learning more about this podcast stuff and my ass is killing me!  Too much time on the computer.  ugh!  Turns out that I cannot add posts to a page – I had set up a separate Podcast page on this blog.  So it will be like a regular entry when it starts.  I’m researching on where to host it and how to upload it so it can be found on iTunes.  So much detail!  But good news! It’s done and hoop sister Christy Taylor created the artwork from my logo, the font it was created with and a photo of me and my two hoop mammas (Merilieu & Nectar) at Burning Man.  Ties a lot of cool stuff together.

    If you have a hooping website or any graphic art needs you can contact Christy at christymtaylor (at)

  • Podcast

    Date: 2011.11.04 | Category: HulaHoopla, PODCAST! | Response: 0


    So I’m gonna try the podcast thing.  I’ve recorded and interview and an introduction and am about to embark on learning how to add music and fix the levels, etc.  Yay!

    Of course right off the bat I screwed up on my introduction and said I won a bottle of TEQUILA in a hooping contest.  It was KAHLUA! :-)

    Fingers crossed that I pull this off and have a podcast for hoopers debuting on iTunes on 11.11.11 – World Hoop Day!  In the mean time, I will do my best to add it to this blog and on my website.

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