• About

    I’ve always been able to hoop around my waist – still have my original Bicentennial Wham-O Hula Hoop® from the 70s. In fact, I won a bottle of Kahlua for hooping the longest at a luau!

    I witnessed hoopdance for the first time at Burning Man in 2008. The flow and the grace transcended everything I imaged about hooping. I was drawn to the beauty of the movement and the pure, joyous energy exploding from the hoopers.

    Unknowingly, I became a hooper at the Northwest Hoop Gathering in Bend, Oregon in April 2009. The experience was so amazing and so new to me! 100 or more hoopers from all over the world, of all skill levels, all in one gym! I saw Christabel Zamor (HoopGirl™ herself!) for the first time as well as Hoopalicious and Baxter and Isopop and Spiral — just to name a few of the amazing hoopers out there! How long has this world existed?! I sought out classes, brought a hoop every where I went, started making hoops for friends. I was hooked!

    My decision to follow this hooping path was clearly validated when I found out my position in news production at a local television station was being automated.  As of the spring of 2010, my 22-year career is over. Rather than freaking out about it, I continued to pursue my hooping passion.

    Now I love teaching people how to hoop…even just simple moves. I love the look on their faces when they “get it.” And now I am a certified HoopGirl™ instructor and well on my way to following my bliss. I’m breaking new ground every day, I call myself The Hoopanista™.

    I teach in a way that is joyous for both my students and myself and in doing so, become a better hooper, thus continuing to follow my bliss and sharing it with others.