• Episode 16 – Bex Burton: Tuning in to the Universe

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    Episode 16 – Bex Burton: Tuning in to the Universe



    Lucky, lucky me! I got to sit down with Bex at Hoopcamp this year and have an incredible talk. This amazing woman is so in tune with the Universe. It gives her a sign and she runs with it with so much passion and love and appreciation. She’s a dancer, a hooper, a Pilates instructor, a masseuse, a life and love coach. Movement is her muse.

    We met a couple years ago at Hoopcamp and although I can’t remember the circumstances, I remember that we made eye contact and I felt this incredible warmth. I felt like I knew her. And funny thing, she said the same thing about me. But it took a couple years to actually spend some time getting to know each other and holy crap! I am so glad I did.

    In this interview, Bex shares her fascinating life and honestly, something happened to me. I’m still digesting it. She moved my heart in a way that made me see how I’ve been looking at myself and at my life. I’ve been looking inward, but not in the good way. I’ve been stuck emotionally and physically for about a year and after our conversation, my brain started churning. So many possibilities! My first step was to be a hoop student again so I signed up for a workshop when I got home. Best choice ever! Something has shifted and Bex gave me a push.

    I think the Universe just gave me a sign and thanks to Bex, I’m going to run with it.

    Welcome to Bexico!


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