• More Podcasts On The Way!

    Date: 2014.04.30 | Category: PODCAST! | Tags: ,,,,

    It’s sunny and I want to hoop!  But alas, I am doing homework.  What kind of homework?  Well, I’m going for an amazing job with Maker Media and have been learning about the importance of social media presence in order to pop out among the possible candidates.  Since I’m proud that I started a podcast from scratch and publish it on iTunes, I feel it’s worth a little bragging on this public platform.  Yay, me!

    I have two interviews ready to assemble.  One is with the the lovely and captivating Caterina Suttin and the other is with my Grimm co-extra, Karma!  Just did another amazing interview with Alex Truex of Dutruex Hula Hoops. But alas! The recorder crapped out – no file found. Drat!  We’re rescheduling.

    Next steps – polishing this website, getting sponsors and advertisers and better recording gear.