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  • Episode 3 – Meet My Hoop Mama, Merilieu!

    Date: 2011.11.28 | Category: PODCAST! | Response: 0

    What a weekend!!

    Zipped up to Seattle on Black Friday to spend some quality time with friends over the holiday weekend. Checked out the EMP’s exhibit on Nirvana. I spent a lot of time driving to Seattle during that era in the late 80s and early 90s and went to hundreds of shows both in Seattle and Portland. For me, it was really moving to see the old photos and band posters mentioning places and dates of shows I had attended. Amazing time in my life. And now I’m smack dab in the middle of another amazing time in my life – my hooping life!
    In this episode, I sit down with my original hooping mentor – my hoop mama, if you will – Merilieu. This woman is the reason I started hooping. She talks about her first hooping experience and where the hoop has taken her. From picking up the hoop for the first time to making hoops, creating playlists for hoop jams, performing at Burning Man and bringing the Hooping Life to Seattle are just a few of the topics we cover.

    The Hooping Family Tree Project
    Burning Man

    The Hooping Life

    The Northwest Hoop Gathering

  • Online Shopping

    Date: 2011.11.21 | Category: HulaHoopla | Response: 0

    Just in time for the indoor hooping and gift-giving season!
    I teamed up with a local hoop maker to create an exclusive line of HulaHoopla&#0174 Hoops AND I added a page on my website for the hoops and my t-shirts. Only took 2 days of laptop time. Holy crap! I added all new photos and a shopping cart. Take a peek! Or better yet, buy some stuff!

    HulaHoopla&#0174 Hoops
    HulaHoopla&#0174 Shirts

  • Hoop Jam & TV

    Date: 2011.11.17 | Category: Hooping Hub | Response: 0

    Come for a day side hoop jam and be seen on TV!

    Center Space Studio
    420 SE 6th Avenue – PDX
    10am – 12noon
    Fee: $5

    Local TV station, KPTV Fox 12, is sending a reporter and photographer to shoot a segment for their show, MORE Good Day Oregon, which airs weekdays at 9am on Channel 12. They will be at the hoop jam from 10:30am until 11:00am or so but I thought it would be fun to make it a 2-hour hoop jam (10am-12pm) for the heck of it.

    If you do not want to be on camera, you can step out of the room for the taping and step back in when they are done. The segment will air on Wednesday, December 7th.


  • Episode 2 – GroovinMeGzz, Inspirational Students and the Male Perpective

    Date: 2011.11.15 | Category: PODCAST! | Response: 0

    Welcome to Episode 2 

    It’s World Hoop Day 11.11.11!  Well, it was when I recorded this anyway.
    We had a great turnout for our fund raising hoop jam.  In this episode, I pull a handful of hoopers out of the studio during the event for a little one-on-one.

    Meet hooper extraordinaire, GroovinMeGzz, a few of my very enthusiastic students and get a male perspective on hooping.  Our goal was to raise $500 for and we made it to $200…that’s still great!

    Subscribe on iTunes!

    World Hoop Day
    The Hooping Body

    Center Space


  • World Hoop Day Success!

    Date: 2011.11.13 | Category: Hooping Hub, Hooping Video | Response: 0

    Total donations for World Hoop Day (cash and proceeds from hoops sales) = $200!!
    If you could not make it to the hoop jam but still want to donate, please do!!
    World Hoop Day Donations

    Here’s a little video of a moment in the hoop at the WHD hoop jam in Portland, Oregon.
    I used my iPod and free software but you can certainly sense the vibe of the festivities.

  • HulaHoopla: A Podcast for Hoopers is on iTunes!

    Date: 2011.11.13 | Category: PODCAST! | Response: 0

    Pretty frickin’ cool!  You can now subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!
    Click here>>>>> HulaHoopla: A Podcast for Hoopers

    woo hoo(p)!


  • 11.11.11 Happy World Hoop Day!

    Date: 2011.11.11 | Category: Hooping Hub | Response: 0

    Today is World Hoop Day!
    If you’re in Portland, OR come over to the Center Space Studio, 420 SE 6th Ave. tonight. Come anytime between 7:30pm & 10:30pm.  It’s a small space but hoopers are polite and share space well. :-)

    We are asking for a minimum $5 donation to raise funds for World Hoop Day. WHD’s mission is to bring joy through the importance of play to children around the world. Our goal is to raise $500.

    Please bring your happy hooping selves, hoops and munchies to share and your iPods with your favorite hoop jam mixes! This is also Veteran’s Day. Please read this wonderful message from World Hoop Day Founder, Annie O’Keeffe.

    I’ll be interviewing random hoopers for Episode 2 of HulaHoopla: A Podcast for Hoopers.
    Join in the festivities and meet local hoopers.

  • World Hoop Day Dance 2011

    Date: 2011.11.06 | Category: Hooping Hub, Performance | Response: 0

    We got together at our first night side weekly hoop jam at the Bamboo Grove Salon (we are looking for a new space for this time slot, btw!) and rehearsed and performed the official World Hoop Day Dance!  Thank you to Laurie, Kundalini, Fawn, Shelly and Kay for playing and to Renee for shooting the video.  I hope I spelled everybody’s name correctly!
    We’ll repeat the rehearsal, performance and recording at Center Space, 420 SE 6th Ave., PDX during our World Hoop Day fund raiser hoop jam on 11.11.11 starting at 7:30pm.
    Happy Hooping!

    World Hoop Day Dance 2011 – Portland, OR



  • New Site Name

    Date: 2011.11.05 | Category: HulaHoopla, PODCAST! | Response: 0

    As I learn how to podcast I will be making adjustments with this site.  Today I had to change the name from from Hoopanista to HulaHoopla: A Podcast for Hoopers to it is picked up on my RSS feed to iTunes.  But the title is too long for the generic title section of the Home page so it just reads HulaHoopla: A Podcast for.  I guess it builds anticipation!  Well, if anyone out there is reading this and understands how to manipulate WordPress I sure could use a hand!  :-)

    I can be reached at hoopanista (at) hulahoopla (dot) com.

  • Episode 1 – Meet the Hoopanista, ZigZag & Dr. Spin

    Date: 2011.11.05 | Category: PODCAST! | Response: 0

    Explore the world community of hooping and hoopdance through the voices of our hooping compadres!  We’ll chat with hoopers – newbies to pros! – about hooping and how it has touched their lives.

    In this inaugural episode, you’ll meet me, The Hoopanista, and two of my Portland, Oregon hoop sisters – ZigZag and Dr. Spin.  We chat about our personal discovery of hooping with mention of some pioneers in the field and incredible hooping events. And we want you to know about World Hoop Day on 11.11.11.

    And I ask for you patience as I learn this whole podcast thing.  Better audio and graphics to come!   The new podcast artwork!

    World Hoop Day

    Hoop Convergence

    Sparkle Movement
    ZigZag Hoops
    The Spin Summit
    Northwest Hoop Gathering

    Burning Man

    And for information on me, The Hoopanista, check out my website at


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