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  • Episode 12 – Karma La’Nay: Performing, Costumes, Circles and Grimm. Oh My!

    Date: 2014.12.29 | Category: PODCAST! | Response: 0

    Karma on Grimm

    Karma on Grimm

    The whole reason I started doing this was because I like talking to fellow hoopers. I want to know how they got into hooping, where they’re from, what has been their journey so far.

    Karma on the left.

    Karma on the left.

    Karma is, for me, one of those people you just instantly like. She has a giant smile that will melt your heart. We met and hit it off on the set of NBC’s Grimm which is shot in Portland. We were both extras for Season 3, Episode 16 “The Show Must Go On” in which we were Steampunk Carnies. She had a featured part as an LED hooper at night at the carnival. It was so fun! Very cold on those days too so we huddled under coats together between takes.


    I met a lot of awesome and talented people in that short time on set including performers from Cloud City Circus. A few of us extras met up a while later to see a show and had ourselves a little Grimm reunion.

    Me in pink hair!

    Me in pink hair!

    Hoops in the background.

    Hoops in the background.

    Karma shares her passion for circles – I can relate! – having recently become obsessed with the aerial lyra. As a member of the Cloud City Circus, she performs regularly at the Analog Cafe here in Portland.




    So in this interview I mention A.T. of Wicked Hoops running the Thursday summer hoop jam at Colonel Summers Park. She moved to Colorado earlier in 2014. The hoop jam still goes on in the summer but other hoopers share the roll of running it. We miss you AT!!!

    Now let’s get to know Karma!


    Cloud City Circus Performances


    Cloud City Circus Facebook Page

    Analog Cafe

    Currently, Karma also Go-Go Hoopdances at the “I Don’t Know Bar & Grill” in Boring, Oregon.


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