• Selling Hoops at Holiday Arts & Crafts Bazaars

    Date: 2010.11.14 | Category: HulaHoopla, The Hoops - Of Course | Tags: ,,,,,

    This is my year of trying all possible avenues for selling hoops, teaching classes, reaching as many people as possible to figure out my place in this hooping life. My mind is open and I know I need to be flexible. However, I’ve been jumping in with both feet hoping for a good outcome and sometimes it is a financial setback. But how would I know unless I tried?

    Right now I’m beginning to see that selling hoops at arts & crafts-focused holiday bazaars before Thanksgiving may not be the best plan. I don’t think folks are in that search-for-a-unique-gift mode yet. That will come closer to the gift-giving events when the shopping list gets longer and the panic sets in. :-)

    I did create a great way to display hoops using portable and collapsible clothing racks and I now wrap my hoops with cling wrap to protect them from the weather, dirt and scrapes. The hoops can be test-driven with joy without worry of damage. Big relief!

    On a very positive note, I did get to perform on stage at one of the Masonic lodges that hosted a bazaar to a very appreciative audience and met some amazing belly dancers and may be able to teach classes at that very lodge in January. Networking can be just as valuable as selling hoops.